Centre of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

The Centre of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences is a Research Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, located in Subunit 1 – IBILI, Institute for Biomedical Research in Light and Image, Campus III of the University of Coimbra.

COCV’s scientific activities include fundamental research programmes, translational research and clinical research. In collaboration with its partners, which include AIBILI, the Ophthalmology Service of HUC and several centres and services of the Faculty of Medicine, such as the Physiology Institute, the Biochemistry Institute, the Pharmacology and Therapeutic Institute and the Cardiology Basic Research Unit, COCV is committed to encourage interdisciplinary research, aiming to create the necessary conditions and critical mass that guarantee a sustainable growth of scientific research in priority areas, as defined by the Faculty of Medicine’s development programme. In this context, COCV promotes and develops research activities preferentially in molecular mechanisms of disease associated with ageing, with particular emphasis in the ageing of visual organs. COCV is also one of the units associated with the creation of IBILI – currently one of the multidisciplinary research units of the Faculty of Medicine and one of the research units regularly evaluated by the Foundation for Science and Technology, having obtained a rating of “Excellent”.

As part of its mission, COCV is committed to recruiting and retaining the best national and international scientists, in a continued effort to create critical mass in its specialization areas and also in the consolidation of its infra-structures, facilities and equipment. Researchers at COCV have at their disposal the most modern equipment and technical means to carry out their research activities, including molecular and cellular biology laboratories, tissue culture rooms, confocal microscopy and high resolution cellular bio-imaging equipment, access to Electronic Microscopy infra-structures and equipment and animal experimentation laboratories.