Graduate Studies

COCV teachers and researchers participate in three Doctoral Programmes and coordinate two Masters Courses of the Faculty of Medicine. The Centre also has a significant role in pos-graduate training, offering guidance and receiving masters and doctoral students in its laboratories.

The main areas o pos-graduate training include: molecular mechanisms of ocular diseases related to ageing and diabetes, vision psychophysiology, biomedical engineering and development of instruments for biomedical applications, particularly in ophthalmology.

In this context, COCV Research Units approach several scientific questions including: functional genomics of retinal degenerations and hereditary diseases, molecular mechanisms of cellular lesions related to ageing and cellular response to stress, development of animal models of age-related macular degeneration, cellular dysfunctions related to diabetic retinopathy, multimodal imaging of the blood-retina barrier in diabetes and evaluations of structure-function correlations in the brain-retina axis. 

Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences

Inter-University Doctoral Programme in Vision Sciences

Doctoral Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine

Master Course in Biomedical Research

Master Course In Vision Sciences