The Centre of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences has a strong Internationalization strategy promoting and facilitating the development of international collaboration projects that result in co authorship publications. In the last few years a significant number of publication were produced in collaboration with prestigious international groups. COCV has also submitted applications to international funding agencies with several European and North-American groups. Some of the areas in which there is a specially active collaboration include retinal and optic nerve degenerations in pathologies such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

COCV in collaboration with the Ophthalmology Responsibility Centre of HUC and with AIBILI annually organizes the “International Ophthalmology Meeting” and leads international research programmes such as EVI – “European Vision Institute” and EVI-GENORET, an European consortium that aims for a better comprehension of the genetic and molecular mechanisms behind retinal dysfunction, creating conditions that allow the development of new therapies.

International Partners of COCV