Electroencefalography / Evoked Potentials

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The future of sensory neuroscience in humans is highly dependent on multimodal methodological approaches to study brain function. This multidisciplinary project aims to take advantage of already existing know-how and equipment - psychophysical laboratories and techniques to study brain structure and function (MRI, SPECT, soon PET) – and integrate them with high-resolution electrophysiology to study sensory and motor function. A major goal is to study mechanisms of visual perception of movement and shape, by mapping electrophysiological responses to conditions defined by motion, colour, orientation or texture contrast, and relating them to results obtained from other strategies of functional mapping. Models of visuomotor integration will be studied in normal populations and in Parkinson Disease. Further, neural mechanisms of visual and auditory plasticity will be compared in normal individuals and patients (some with sensory prosthesis), as well as implications for rehabilitation.


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Managed and funded by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), under the National Program for Scientific Re-equipment (PNRC), co-funded by POCI2010, source FEDER