Maria Ribeiro

Maria Ribeiro

I received my Bsc degree in Physics at the University of Porto, in 1996, and was accepted in the Gulbenkian PhD programme in Biology and Medicine (PGDBM). My PhD thesis was performed at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, on the neural mechanisms of learning and memory. In 2007, I joined Prof. Miguel Castelo-Branco’s laboratory at the IBILI (Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra) where I have been working as a Research Fellow in the field of human neuroscience.

I am interested in elucidating the brain mechanisms underlying cognitive control in the human brain and how these are disrupted in disorders affecting brain function. In particular, I am interested in understanding (1) how cognitive control is affected by ageing; (2) the role of neuromodulation in cognitive control; (3) how neuromodulation affects global brain dynamics and behaviour on a moment-to-moment basis; (4) the brain mechanisms underlying moment-to-moment fluctuations in performance associated with poor attentional control.

Recent advances in signal processing have made it possible to non-invasively study the temporal evolution of whole brain activity patterns at the single trial level. This is an exciting time that promises to unravel not just where brain activity occurs, but also how neural activity is coordinated from one moment to the next, from brain region to brain region.

Curriculum Vitae

ORCID ID - orcid.org/0000-0001-6422-3279

ResearcherID - J-4618-2013

Keywords: Human neuroscience; Ageing; Neuroimaging; EEG; Cognitive control; Attention; Neuromodulation; Brain dynamics

5 Key publications

Ribeiro, M.J., Paiva, J.S., and Castelo-branco, M. 2016. Spontaneous fluctuations in sensory processing predict within-subject reaction time variability. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. May 9; 10:200.

Ribeiro M.J., Violante I.R., Edden R.A.E. and Castelo-Branco M. 2015. Abnormal relationship between GABA, neurophysiology and impulsive behavior in neurofibromatosis type 1. Cortex. Vol. 64:194-208.

Ribeiro, M. J., D'Almeida, O. C., Ramos, F., Saraiva, J., Silva E. and Castelo-Branco, M. 2014. Abnormal late visual responses and alpha oscillations in Neurofibromatosis type 1: a link to visual and attention deficits. Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Vol. 6(1):4.

Violante I.R., Ribeiro M.J., Edden R.A.E., Guimarães P., Bernardino I. , Rebola J., Cunha G., Silva E and Castelo-Branco M. 2013. GABA deficit in the visual cortex of patients with NF1: genotype-phenotype correlations and functional impact. Brain. Vol. 136(Pt 3):918-25. - Awarded the Best 2013 Scientific Paper on Clinical Research from FMUC

Ribeiro, M. J. and Castelo-Branco, M. 2010. Psychophysical channels and ERP population responses in human visual cortex: area summation across chromatic and achromatic pathways. Vision Research, Vol. 50 Nº. 13, 1283-91

Office: IBILI, Floor 1, office 72

Phone Number: +351 239480088

Email: mjribeiro@fmed.uc.pt