Paulo Carvalho Pereira

Paulo Pereira

Paulo de Carvalho Pereira, graduated in Biochemistry in 1990 from the University of Coimbra and received his PhD in Cell Biology in 1996. Paulo Pereira worked at Division of Clinical Toxicology, University College of London, during his PhD training and as a Post-Doc. Paulo subsequently worked as an Assistant Professor/ Visiting Scientist at Human Nutrition Research Centre on Ageing at Tufts University, Boston. Paulo Pereira is currently Director of Centre of Ophthalmology - Faculty of Medicine University of Coimbra and head of the Laboratory for Research in Biology of Ageing atIBILI, Faculty of Medicine – University of Coimbra. Paulo is also the Director of the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy at Faculty of Medicine – University of Coimbra, which is part of the National Network of Electron Microscopy. His main scientific Interests are on mechanisms of age-related cell damage and cell response to stress. He is particularly interested in the molecular mechanisms of age and diabetes-related retinal damage and on the role of ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis in such processes.

Paulo Pereira also participates and coordinates Master and PhD programmes in the area of Vision Sciences and Biomedical Reserach and he currently supervises 7 PhD students. Paulo is also interested and actively participates in projects to increase public awareness of sciences, including Bio-aesthetics and Sci-art projects. Over the last five years Paulo was the Principal Investigator on 6 externally funded (FCT) Research Grants and was author of 14 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals. In 2006 Paulo Pereira was granted A Fulbright Scholars and Researchers Program Award.

Scientific Interests:

5 Keys Publications:

  • Girao H, Pereira P. The proteasome regulates the interaction between Cx43 and ZO-1.
  • J Cell Biochem. 2007 [Epub ahead of print]
  • Fernandes AF,Guo W,Zhang X,Gallagher M,Ivan M,Taylor A, Pereira P and Shang F. Proteasome-dependent regulation of signal transduction in retinal pigment epithelial cells. Exp Eye Res. 2006;83(6):1472-81.
  • Marques C, Guo W, Pereira P, Taylor A, Petterson C, Evans P and Shang F.The triage of damaged proteins: Degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway or repair by molecular chaperones. FASEB J.2006, 20:741-743
  • Girão H, Pereira P, Taylor A and Shang F. Subcellular Redistribution of Components of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway during Lens Differentiation and Maturation.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.2005, 46:1386-92.
  • Fernandes R, Girão H and Pereira P. High glucose downregulates intercellular communication in retinal endothelial cells by enhancing degradation of connexin 43 by a proteasome-dependent mechanism. J Biol Chem.2004,279:27219-27224.
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