Diliana Maria Barradas Rebelo dos Santos

Diliana Rebelo

Natural from Setúbal, Diliana concluded a M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering at Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of New University of Lisbon. During her master’s thesis, she worked as a research trainee at PLUX-Wireless Biosignals S.A and at Cognitive Systems Lab of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (CSL-KIT), Germany.

Since June 2013, she works at IBILI in the functional imaging and translational research team as a researcher.

Scientific Interest: 

Medical Imaging, Neurosicences, Signal Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation´

5 Keys Publications:

-N. Nunes, D. Rebelo , R. Abreu, H. Gamboa and A. Fred, Clustering Algorithm for Human

Behavior Recognition based on Biosignals Analysis, accepted as book chapter in Human

Behavior Recognition Technologies: Intelligent Applications for Monitoring and Security, IGI

Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, 2012

-D. Rebelo, C. Amma, H. Gamboa, T. Schultz, Human Activity Recognition for an Intelligent Knee Orthosis, submitted in 2013 Biosignals Conference

Phone Number:
Email: diliana.santos@uc.pt