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How to Apply

Application periods

1st call 12th April - 15th July

2nd call 19th August - 6th September

Application site

On-line application at

Documents required for the application
  • Copy of an identification document (BI, CC or Passport)
  • Motivational letter
  • Curriculum vitae, using the EuroPass format
  • A certificate of your undergraduate degree, with a list of all your classes and corresponding evaluations. Applicants with no relevant qualifications that are applying based on their academic, scientific or professional curriculum under paragraph d), will need to provide a qualifications certificate.
  • Applicants from countries that haven't subscribed to the Bologna Process, will need to present and authorization from the Scientific Board of FMUC to apply.

Eligibility requirements

a) Students with a first study cycle undergraduate degree (Pre or Post-Bologna Process) or an equivalent legal qualification, in Medicine, Basic Health Sciences, Dentistry, Basic Oral Health Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biotecnology or other related degrees considered relevant by the Scientific Board of FMUC;

b) Students with a Masters Degree in the Health Sciences field;

c) Holders of an academic, scientific and/or a professional curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Board of FMUC, attesting the ability to complete this study cycle;

d) Holders of a Post-graduate degree in Biomedical Research (obtained in the last 5 years).

e) Candidates from countries that haven't subscribed to the Bologna Process will need to present an authorization from the Scientific Council to apply (unless the Faculty of Medicine has an already established protocol with the original institution where the degree was obtained).

Selection criteria

a) Grade of the undergraduate degree or equivalent legal qualification
b) Academic, scientific and professional curriculum
c) Interview


For more information, please consult this site: