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Regenerative Medicine

Organizer: João Malva

Brain diseases represent a major health problem in modern societies. Together, these diseases have a big impact in the economy and they are responsible for major human suffering. Currently, the available therapies to treat brain diseases are mainly symptomatic, promoting symptoms relieve but not efficient and definitive cures.
Stem cell research and regenerative medicine of the brain represent a novel avenue of hope to deliver efficient tools to cure brain diseases and recover the lost functions of the diseased brain. The research group, headed by the Principal Investigator João O. Malva, Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis in Brain Repair actively investigate new strategies to deliver neuroprotection and neurogenenerative strategies to treat brain diseases. The internationally competitive research activity and the solid network of collaborators will be the pillars of the proposed course on “Neural Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine of the Brain”.
The main goals of the course include the student’s understanding of the role of Neuromodulation, Neuroprotection, Neuroinflammation and Stem Cell Research in Regenerative Medicine of the Brain. The course will be mainly dedicated “Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis in Brain Repair” in Epilepsy.
The students will be exposed to high-quality lectures and scientific seminars, will discuss research manuscripts and research projects, and they will develop experimental projects under the main scope of the course.