Integrated Master in Dentistry

The Integrated Master in Dentistry

The Integrated Master in Dentistry is organized into five years, in accordance with the Bologna Process: two basic years, one pre-clinical and two clinical years. The first three years are dedicated to the study of basic medicine and laboratory work through subjects relevant to the practice of Dentistry. Most of these courses are held at the Dentistry Department near the Coimbra University Hospitals. This is also the case for the courses of the clinical years, which are carried out in direct contact with patients. The 5th year consists of clinical patient care.

The teaching of dentistry students is carried out in the following institutions:

· The Faculty of Medicine (FMUC)

· The Dentistry Department of Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (CHUC). The Dentistry and Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department is also a part of the CHUC, which provides dental care for a large community population