Integrated Master in Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra is considered to be one of the most important schools of medicine in Portugal due to its vast research areas, PhD programs, integrated masters in Medicine and Dentistry (1st and 2nd Cycles) and non integrated Masters (3rd cycle), as well as a large number of postgraduate programs.

The Integrated Master in Medicine

The Integrated Master in Medicine is organized in accordance with the Bologna Process for 6 years (12 semesters). The first three years confer a degree in Health Basic Sciences. The last three years are devoted to the Integrated Master Degree, whose lectures take place mainly at the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre, where students have direct contact with the patients.

The teaching of medical students is carried out in the following institutions:

· Faculty of Medicine (FMUC and Polo III) where, for the most part, the first three years of the Integrated Mater Degree in Medicine take place.

· Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (C.H.U.C.)

    • University Unit (HUC), teaching Hospital, with about 1400 beds, with all medical and surgical specialties.
    • General Unit (HG), specially for 6 year students.
    • Paediatric Unit (HP), near the main building, where the teaching of Paediatrics takes place.
    • Maternity Unit (MDM), located in R. Miguel Torga, where Obstetrics is taught.
    • Psychiatric Unit (HSC), is a unit specializing in the prevention, treatment and monitoring "follow-up" of citizens in need of care in Mental Health and Psychiatry.

· Portuguese Oncology Institute (I.P.O.F.G.), near the main building of the Coimbra University Hospitals, where the teaching and practice of Medicine is complemented, in what concerns oncology diseases.

· Health Care Centres, where the General and Family Medicine take place (subject of General Practice from the 5th Year and the area of General Practice from the 6th Year).