Research Project: Incredible Years for the Promotion of Mental Health

The Project

The project Incredible Years for the Promotion of Mental Health, coordinated by Professors Maria João Seabra Santos and Maria Filomena Gaspar, will enable the continued implementation and dissemination of the Incredible Years programmes amongst an increasing number of families and nursery school teachers.

The project’s main mission is to train a large contingent of nursery school teachers and healthcare professionals to be ambassadors of the Incredible Years programme amongst other professionals, so as to disseminate the model around wider areas of the country and ensure its sustainability. With this, and in the light of the positive results anticipated, it is hoped that the approach will become established as a form of prevention and intervention in mental health and be gradually adopted at national level.

Thus, the project aims to:

- Promote the mental health of children at pre-school age;

- Increase the effectiveness of professionals that deal with children on a daily basis;

- Promote positive interaction between schools, healthcare professionals and families;

- Reduce social inequalities, thereby facilitating the access of disadvantaged populations to empirically validated programmes.