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History of Education (with Course)

Applications Not offered in 2015/2016
Coordinator(s)António Gomes Alves Ferreira PhD
Duration3 years
Annual tuition fee

About the Course

The completion of the third cycle opens up possibilities for more specialized training and, at the same time, promotes the production of research networks, thus helping to foster international cooperation programmes. With this cycle of studies the aim is to create a critical mass in specific disciplinary areas of education and in interdisciplinary areas, which enable a demanding level of technological and cultural dynamics. Thus it is intended that doctoral students acquire specialised training in different areas of Education Sciences, deepening and exercising their research skills, and so develop critical skills in order to strengthen their links to the education system, promote suitability, develop reflective thinking, and justifying and diversifying the diagnosis of problematic situations and their possible solutions. The course also seeks to promote the scientific status of the institution, with an expansion of ongoing research projects and development of new projects in response to the needs of the communities themselves.

Course Outline

The study cycle is worth 180 ECTS and lasts a minimum of three and a maximum of five years.

The curricular componente, named the Advanced Studies Programme, is worth 60 ECTS, and the preparation of the thesis is worth 120 ECTS.

On passing the curricular part of the study cycle with course the student will be awarded a Certificate of Advanced Studies in the scientific field, and the speciality and thematic area of the course.

Course Plan

Specialization area on History of Education

Access Qualifications

1 – The following may apply for the course of study leading to the degree of Doctor of Science Education:

a) holders of master's degree or legal equivalent;

b) holders of a bachelor’s degree who have a highly relevant academic or scientific background that is recognised by the Scientific Council of FPCE-UC as attesting the capacity to complete this cycle of studies;

c) Students with an academic, scientific or professional background recognised by the Scientific Council of FPCEUC as attesting the capacity to complete this cycle of studies.

2 - The recognition referred to in b) and c) above only allows access to a course of study leading to a doctoral degree, and the UC does not thereby give the holder nor recognise the equivalent bachelor's or master’s degree.


Formal application is made as indicated at

A fee of € 50.00 is payable with the application. The form of payment will be disclosed to the applicant at the time of application.

Dissertation guidance

In the course of study with course, the name(s) of dissertation supervisor(s) will be as defined in the FPCE Doctoral Regulations.

Enrolment and Registration

After receiving their serial number, students must enrol on the PhD Course.

Registration is carried out online. Find information at

A fee of € 20.00 is payable for course registration. The method of payment will be disclosed to the applicant at the time of application.

PhD students annually renew their registration in the PhD study cycle.

Failure to re-register annually will prevent the student from pursuing his/her doctoral studies.

Thesis Theme Registration

The theme of the dissertation must be registered by the doctoral student, at the Academic Services of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, within 30 days after acceptance of the project dissertation.