Master’s Degree in Social Work

Master’s Degree in Social Work

Dear colleagues and friends,

Dear students

The team at the Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Social Work of the University Coimbra welcomes the accreditation of our Master's Course in Social Work and invites you to join us in working to build up knowledge in this scientific area. We have pursued a determined, measured and mature course during the past nine years of the Degree in Social Work and the five years of multidisciplinary masters training and have embraced the collaboration of the Faculty of Economics of this University.

The creation of the FPCE-UC Social Work Master’s Degree follows the philosophy of the Bologna Process, and stems from the determination to ensure, within the public higher education framework, progression to an advanced level of learning, at a level of theory and reflection, with the concomitant acquisition of skills, that the broad general nature of the first degree course does not fully permit.

To all who have believed and continue to believe in the potential of the determination that drives us on, I would like to give a word of thanks, in the certainty that with you our training project will be consolidated and will grow to contribute to the construction of excellence in Social Work Training in public university education, both at national and international levels.

We thank you for having chosen us in pursuit of the dream of knowing more to be able to act better, towards a more just and cooperative society, a society where each one of us has his/her place as a person and as a citizen; we thank those whose choice for the hope of a better world will direct their paths towards the deepening of knowledge about the contexts, actors and social intervention processes that enhance the growth of this area of ​​knowledge; we thank all those who expect us to provide the incentive to deepen and consolidate knowledge in social work and its recognition among the academic and scientific community.

Welcome to the Master’s Degree in Social Work in this Faculty of the University of Coimbra.

Best regards,

Helena Neves Almeida

Helena Neves Almeida