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PhD in Education Sciences (without course)


This modality includes, in a tutorial framework, the planning, development and implementation of an original research project in the specialty in which the PhD student is enrolled. Accordingly, in this modality, the autonomous work of the doctoral student, supervised by one or more supervisors, is specifically directed to the elaboration of the doctoral thesis that, addressing topics of the area of specialty chosen by the doctorate, corresponds to 180 ECTS.

Specialities in Education Sciences

Education, Community Development and Adult Learning  - Offered in 2018/2019 

Teaching Organization, Teachers Learning and Training - Offered in 2018/2019

Find out more information, about each speciality, here .


To apply to the PhD in this modality, you will need to have the guidance of one of the Professors from the FPCE. To help you in this issue, please fill in this form .

You can find here the information needed to formalize the application for the PhD in Psychology in the modality without a PhD course.



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