Centro de Investigação do Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenção Cognitivo-Comportamental

Intervention Programs


Kg-free is a manualized acceptance, mindfulness & compassionate-based group intervention for women struggling with their weight developed in CINEICC by Lara Palmeira (PhD student), with the supervision of Professor José Pinto-Gouveia and Professor Marina Cunha. The intervention comprises 10 weekly group sessions plus 2 booster fortnightly sessions of 2h30 hours each, run in small groups (from 10 to 12 participants).

If you want to have access to a session-by-session overview of the intervention or have any question regarding Kg-Free intervention please contact Lara Palmeira through the email: larapalmeira@gmail.com


BEfree is a psychological program for women with binge eating and obesity. It integrates psychoeducation, mindfulness, compassion and promotion of self-care actions in a complementary manner throughout its 12 sessions, each with a duration of 2h30. BEfree is a standardized intervention carried out in a group format, and it is manualized in order for trained health-care professionals to lead group sessions.

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