Development and Learning

About us

The main objective of this group is to create convergent theoretical and/or applied knowledge in the cornerstone area of behavioural sciences: Developmental Psychology. Each of its members carries out scientific work, whose epistemological foundation is the concept of developmental learning from neurobiological bases to social contexts. Its transversal project is the construction of knowledge on the essence of human development, perceived from a lifespan perspective and in its multiplicity of forms (e.g., regular patterns of development; e.g., cognitive, psychosocial, vocational, social and moral), normative and non-normative transitions of lifelong development (e.g., adolescence into adulthood, school-work world, work-unemployment-work; school and professional guidance, developmental disorders, etc.), and diverse contexts. This crosscutting project seeks to develop a vast body of knowledge on the essence of human development and lifelong learning experiences, on the basis of the specific contributions of each of the behavioural areas addressed by its members.


Joaquim Armando Gomes Alves Ferreira (PhD)

Full Members

Luísa Maria de Almeida Morgado (PhD)
Eduardo João Ribeiro dos Santos (PhD)
Maria Paula Barbas de Albuquerque Paixão (PhD)
José Manuel Tomás da Silva (PhD)
Marcelino Arménio Martins Pereira (PhD)
Maria Cristina Petrucci de Almeida Albuquerque (PhD)
Maria Teresa Mesquita Sousa Machado (PhD)
Maria Graciete Franco Borges (PhD)
Ana Paula Mendes Correia Couceiro Figueira (PhD)
Maria da Luz Bernardes Vale Dias (PhD)
Ana Cristina Ferreira de Almeida (PhD)
Maria Jorge Almeida Rama Ferro (PhD)

Associate Members

Maria São João Castilho Brêda (PhD)
Cristina Maria Pinto Albuquerque (PhD)
Pedro Manuel Malaquias Pires Urbano (PhD)
Luísa Isabel Gomes Freire Nobre Lima (PhD)
Helena da Silva Neves de Almeida (PhD)