Education and Training of the University of Coimbra

About us

The Study Group on Education and Training of the University of Coimbra (GEEFUC - Grupo de Estudos de Educação e Formação da Universidade de Coimbra) is the result of a double legacy: the legacy of Education Sciences as a scientific area with its own identity and consolidated merit, and the legacy of constructed knowledge and knowledge under construction through the research and teaching carried out at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. As such, the main mission of GEEFUC is: to study and produce knowledge on education and specific training in a variety of contexts and at all ages, cooperating with different agents in order to constantly improve practices and outcomes.

To achieve these objectives, GEEFUC structures its activities according to the following themes:

  1. Organisation and Dynamics of Education Systems
  2. Training, Citizenship and Employment
  3. Psychopedagogy and Learning Difficulties


Doutor António Gomes Alves Ferreira (PhD)

Full Members

José Augusto da Silva Rebelo (PhD)
Maria Isabel Ferraz Festas (PhD)
João da Silva Amado (PhD)
José Manuel Portocarrero Canavarro (PhD)
Ana Maria Magalhães Teixeira Seixas (PhD)
Maria Helena Lopes Damião (PhD)
Maria Teresa Ribeiro Pessoa (PhD)
Carlos Manuel Folgado Barreira (PhD)
Cristina Maria Coimbra Vieira (PhD)
Armanda Pinto da Mota Matos (PhD)
Albertina Lima de Oliveira (PhD)
Joaquim Luís Medeiros Alcoforado (PhD)
Sónia Cristina Mairos Ferreira Nogueira

Associate Members

Maria da Graça Amaro Bidarra (PhD)

Maria do Rosário Carvalho Nunes Manteigas e Moura Pinheiro (PhD)