Translational Research in Behavioural Sciences

About us

Translational research seeks to respond to the challenge involved in converting basic knowledge into practical and clinical applications for the general community. The importance of this field has been greatly emphasised by the World Health Organisation.

This Research Group includes collaborators from basic and clinical areas with a view to integrating research on cognitive processes, emotion and interpersonality with the construction, adaptation and validation of evaluation instruments and intervention models.

The research activity is focuses on two areas: designing systematic programmes for the development and validation of instruments to measure cognitive, emotional and interpersonal processes; evaluating the effects of interventions concerning prevention, risk and damage reduction, psychological education, clinical practice and rehabilitation.


José Augusto da Veiga Pinto Gouveia (PhD)

Full Members

Mário Manuel Rodrigues Simões (PhD)
Margarida Baptista Mendes Pedroso Lima (PhD)
Ana Paula Soares de Matos (PhD)
Maria Salomé Ferreira Estima de Pinho (PhD)
Maria do Rosário Carvalho Nunes Manteigas e Moura Pinheiro (PhD)
José Augusto Simões Gonçalves Leitão (PhD)
Luísa Isabel Gomes Freire Nobre Lima (PhD)
Daniel Maria Bugalho Rijo (PhD)
Maria do Céu Teixeira Salvador (PhD)
Paula Cristina Castilho Freitas (PhD)
Cláudia Rute Carlos Ferreira (PhD)

Associate Members

Maria Manuela Pereira Vilar
Marcela Andrade de Matos
Alexandra Borges Dinis
Sónia Martins Gregório
Liliana Baptista Sousa