Organisations, Work and Citizenship

About us

The GI-OTC uses an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to questions pertaining to organisations, work and citizenship, bringing together researchers from the areas of psychology, social work and social policy. Its mission is therefore to:

  1. contribute to scientific debate and develop basic and/or applied research, pursuing an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach in line with the group members’ diverse interests;
  2. promote the dissemination of scientific production through joint publications as well as national and international scientific meetings and events;
  3. increase the debate on transversal epistemological and methodological questions, in order to generate connections between different yet complementary scientific literature;
  4. establish scientific partnerships, both on a national and international level, as well as foster the scientific culture within the Faculty, specifically by encouraging the integration of young researchers.


Adelino Duarte Gomes (PhD)

Full Members

José Joaquim Marques da Costa (PhD)
Paulo Renato Martins da Silva Lourenço (PhD)
Leonor Maria Pacheco Pais Andrade Cardoso (PhD)
Joaquim Manuel Pires Valentim (PhD)
Cristina Maria Pinto de Albuquerque (PhD)
Teresa Manuela Santos Dias Rebelo (PhD)
Carla Maria Santos Carvalho (PhD)
Helena Neves dos Santos Almeida (PhD)
Clara Maria da Cruz Silva Santos (PhD)