Family, Health and Justice

About us

The objectives of the Group are:

  1. To develop research on family processes and dynamics, as well as on their interaction with health and legal contexts;
  2. To contribute to post-graduate training (master’s, doctorates and post-doctorates) as well as to other specialised training relevant to the continuing education of professionals of the psychosocial area in the aforementioned research fields;
  3. To reinforce and establish cooperation with national and international research networks;
  4. To integrate research with clinical practice in psychology and psychosocial and social educational intervention, in order to contribute to the improvement of evaluation, prevention and intervention in the thematic areas of the Research Group (Family Dynamics; Health and Sickness, Psychopathology; Quality of Life; Custody and Protection; Criminology);
  5. To foster the development of research projects that are likely to attain funding; to identify potential funding bodies and support any application.


Ana Paula Pais Rodrigues da Fonseca Relvas (PhD)

Full Members

Madalena Moutinho Alarcão e Silva (PhD)
Rui Alexandre Paquete Paixão (PhD)
Isabel Maria Marques Alberto (PhD)
Maria Cristina Cruz Sousa Portocarrero Canavarro (PhD)
Joaquim Eduardo Nunes de Sá (PhD)
Maria Filomena Ribeiro da Fonseca Gaspar (PhD)
Maria João Rama Seabra Santos (PhD)
Maria Madalena Santos Torres Veiga de Carvalho (PhD) 

Associate Members

Maria Teresa Sousa Machado (PhD)
Carla Alexandra Mesquita Crespo (PhD)