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Procedures Guide - Follow me!


Dear Student, welcome to our Faculty!

We wish you enjoy your stay!

Please, take notice of some of the information and procedures you must complete when you arrive at our University/Faculty:

 A - When you arrive in Coimbra, you must go to the Divisão de Relações InternacionaisCasa da Lusofonia, where you will receive important information.

 B – Confirm if your first study plan remains possible. Check here.

 C - If necessary, the Departmental Coordinator at the Faculty may help you to decide your final study plan.

 D - Contact your Coordinator, in your home university to ensure that the changes you are planning are accepted.

 E - After making your final choice:

  . Come to FPCE-UC and inform the changes you need to do;

  . check if there are forms, froms your home university that need to be filled in and, if necessary, proceed as necessary; 

  . send our forms and the ones of your university, to your home university to be signed by your locla Coordinator.

  . in a short notice, bring a copy of the document with the three signatures  to the FPCE-UC (or send them by If those documents are not delivered to us in due time, we won't be able to send your results in the end of your mobility.

  F - DRI will give you instructions concerning a new e-mail account that will give you access to our student's web service: Inforestudante

  G- Inforestudante - Here you will find all the information about classes, you will register for the exams, receive academic and administrative information, etc.

Please Notice!

. DEADLINE FOR CHANGES TO THE CURRICULAR PLAN: One month after the date of your arrival!

- Students must ensure that any change to the original Learning Agreement is approved by their home university and by the University of Coimbra.

. CLASSES ARE LECTURED IN PORTUGUESE – However, the majority of our scientific bibliography is in English. Also, most of our teachers agree to tutor ERASMUS / mobility students.

. If you feel difficulties with the Portuguese Language, in the first day of each curricular course you attend, you must talk to the teacher, explain that you are an ERASMUS / mobility student and ask if it is possible to be assessed in another language.

. Portuguese Language Courses – The University of Coimbra offers free Portuguese Language Courses for ERASMUS students during each semester. If you wish to attend one of these. For that, you must apply for it at Faculdade de Letras (Língua Portuguesa para ERASMUS)

. REGISTRATION IN PRACTICES:- If a curricular units has practice components, you should register in one of them.

.You will do it in your Inforestudante, on a given day.

. The date to do this will be reported to you by email notification in your Inforestudante (in September for the 1st semester and in February for the 2nd semester). Usually, this registration period lasts only one day.

. After that date you will be subject to the surplus vacancies and you must contact the International Relations FPCE - SA FPCE for registration.


- At the FPCE the curricular units can be assessed either by  Periodical Assessment (Avaliação Periódica) or Final Assessment  (Avaliação Final).

. At the beginning of each semester, the Professors will inform the students about the kind of evaluation process will be used in that particular curricular unit (Periodical or Final).

. Periodical Assessment (Avaliação Periódica) – The assessement is carried out along the class period, according to the teachers’ information.

. Final Assessment (Avaliação Final) - The student will do a final exam at the end of the semester.

- Information about the Exams Calendar is available in your Inforestudante.

- Each student has 2 opportunities to be assessed in the curricular units:

 . Periodical Assessment / Final Exam (Regular Season) and Recovery Exam Season.

- Recovery Exam Season - Students may use this season if they fail before ( Periodical Assessment / Final Exam (Regular Season)) or if they wish to improve their marks.

  This season may also be used as an alternative to the other assessment opportunities. In this case the student will only have one chance to pass the exam.

- Registration in the exams is compulsory and it is done in the Inforestudante.

. It is each students’ responsibility to do this procedure on time: till 4 working days before the day of the exam.

- There is no other assessment period offered to mobility students. The so called "Época Especial" is only available for students in special situations (student's leaders, high competition athlets, etc.)


- Please check with the International Relations Office at the Faculty if your file is complete (changes to the initial study plan, etc.)

Don´t forget to go to Casa da Lusofonia to take the last documents (Documento de Partida)


- In due time, DRII will send your Transcript of Records to your University, by email.

- If your University needs to have your Transcript of Records in paper, it should specifically request this, directly to DRI, through the email:

Please, help us to improve this webpage! We will welcome your suggestions. Contact us:

Thank you!