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    COI collaborated with plant material to the exhibition Viscount of Vila Maior: archival materials

    Nov 15 2016 – Jan 15 2017, Old Library of the University of Coimbra

    Júlio Máximo de Oliveira Pimentel, Viscount of Vila Maior, was the University Rector between 1869-84. He was an influential figure at the end of the monarchy, as lecturer (chemist), politician, representing of the country abroad and author

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  • taxus_conservation

    Taxus Conservation

    The RBG Edinburgh Yew Conservation Hedge Project is growing a few accessions of Taxus baccata L. of Portuguese origin. This project is part of the The International Conifer Conservation Programme of the Botanic Garden and aims to gradually replace the existing perimeter hedge by one of yew only. The new plants are propagated from either heritage trees or from native populations where the species is threatened.

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  • Herbarium


    • To permanently preserve plant material for reference and research
    • To provide material and information for the study of plant diversity
    • To make known the importance of plant diversity

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