Herbarium of University of Coimbra

COI collaborated with plant material to the exhibition Viscount of Vila Maior: archival materials

Nov 15 2016 – Jan 15 2017, Old Library of the University of Coimbra

COI00055931 Vitis vinifera

Júlio Máximo de Oliveira Pimentel, Viscount of Vila Maior, was the University Rector between 1869-84. He was an influential figure at the end of the monarchy, as lecturer (chemist), politician, representing of the country abroad and author. Although an intellectual, Júlio Pimentel took active part in various practical aspects of the life in the country. Owner of vineyards in the Douro area he was much concerned with the phylloxera problems of the time and the need for a systematic classification of the varieties of Vitis vinifera used in Portugal. Júlio Pimentel had in Júlio Henriques, the founder of the Herbarium, an enthusiastic collaborator to establish in the Botanic Garden an Ampelographic Collection.

Specimen on loan:

Vitis vinifera L., Navarra, pr. Venta de Olave in dumetis ad fluv. Arga, 16.vi.1850, Moritz Willkomm s.n. (COI-WILLK). The Herbarium Mediterraneum Pyrenaicum et Canariense assembled by Willkomm was acquired by Henriques while the Viscount of Vila Maior was the University Rector.