Herbarium of University of Coimbra

Access, Loans & Regulations

The Herbarium is available for consultation by colleagues from recognised research institutes, including their students with experience of handling specimens. The collection is open by appointment only. Please, see here our Visitor Regulation Policy and request form.

For loan requests, please see here our Loan Regulation Policy and request form.

To access the online Catalogues, please see here.

Contact the Herbarium

Curator of the Herbarium

Department of Life Sciences

Calçada Martim de Freitas

University of Coimbra

3000-456 Coimbra, Portugal

Telephone: +351 239 240 700 ext. 262392

Fax: +351 239 240 701

Email: coi@bot.uc.pt

Opening hours

9-12:30 hrs; 14-17:30 hrs Monday to Friday Closed weekends, public holidays and August.

How to reach us

 Instructions to get COI Herbarium by car: PDF