Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health

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    ICNAS is a medical imaging research institution of the University of Coimbra that congregates the main medical imaging modalities (PET, MRI, CT, SPECT) in the same building, including cyclotron and radiochemistry facilities.

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    Located in the Health Pole of the University, ICNAS is surrounded by a rich environment in Health Sciences that includes, at walking distance, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, several Hospitals (the large central CHUC hospital, pediatric and oncological hospitals), Health and Imaging Research Institutions, Libraries and other facilities.

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    ICNAS is a multidisciplinary research center, where professionals from different areas work together: physicians, engineers, health technicians, mathematicians, chemists, pharmacists, physicists, informaticians, biologists, administratives, etc.

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    ICNAS is quite young: it started operating in 2009.

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    Watch here a small video about ICNAS.

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ICNAS is a multidisciplinar research institution of the University of Coimbra that applies the main medical imaging modalities in biomedicine, from basic science to pre-clinical and clinical applications. These are its core technological areas:

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Cyclotron and Radiochemistry
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
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ICNAS has expertise in various fields that include medicine, biology, engineering, maths, physics, chemistry and informatics, among others. Specialized medical studies are made in neurology, cardiology and oncology. ICNAS activities include the development of new tracers and the study of new therapies and diagnostic methods.

ICNAS has now a new Clinical Research Unit (CRU2C) and hosts the Brainimaging core Infrastructure.