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Territory, Risk and Public Policies

The doctoral programme in Territory, Risk and Public Policies is situated in the area of Risk Sciences. Risk Sciences, as a disciplinary area, has been acquiring increasing visibility and institutionalization mainly in international agencies as UNESCO and the Council of Europe. This programme is targeted at individuals with diverse higher education backgrounds, from the social sciences to natural and exact sciences to technology. This diversity allows for an integrated approach as well as for the quantification of individuals’ and communities’ capacity for resilience and resistance. It is based on the joint consideration of various uncertainties and on the selection of variables that are relevant to the evaluation and perception of risk in human communities.

The doctoral programme in Territory, Risk and Public Policies is offered in association with the Universities of Lisbon and Aveiro.

Objectives of the PhD. Course

The doctoral programme in Territory, Risk and Public Policy is an advanced education programme oriented towards the development of scientific research skills and advanced professional qualifications within the field of risk science. The programme aims to provide solid scientific training in diverse areas related to risk, such as process modelling, land use management, mobilisation of individuals and communities, as well as the articulation and implementation of public policies.

Duration of the Course

4 years.

Admission criteria

The following requirements should be met for the successful application in this PhD programme:

  1. M.sc. degree holders or equivalent;
  2. Teaching assistants with certification of pedagogic and scientific capacity;
  3. Degree holders with suitable relevant academic and scientific record for this programme;
  4. Candidates are selected on the basis of their suitability for the course proposed in terms of academic, scientific or professional record.

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Coordination of the Course

PhD. José Manuel Mendes (UC)

PhD. Luís Zêzere (UL)

PhD. Maria de Fátima Alves (UA)

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