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Centro Ciência Viva - Rómulo de Carvalho

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Centro Ciência Viva - Rómulo de Carvalho is hosted by the Department of Physics of the University of Coimbra on the ground floor (Campus I, Rua Larg, between the D. Dinis square and the Iron Gate) and acts as a centre of resources for the education of sciences and the dissemination of scientific culture.

It includes the Rómulo de Carvalho Library with a strong multimedia component in all research areas and the internet portal “Mocho” (Owl) (at http://www.mocho.pt).

As a modern centre of resources and on an essentially virtual basis, it supports the national network Ciência Viva (Living Science), schools and is available to the public at general, aiming to contribute to the enlargement of the national scientific and technological culture by engaging the youth into science.

The IIIUC acts, in the UC as the organic headquarter of the CCV-RC, supporting the general and the project management, although the governing body of the Centre keeps its autonomy. This Centre, in turn, constitutes an important instrument of the UC, being intermediated by the IIIUC in the accomplishment of its goals, concerning the dissemination of scientific culture.