Institute for Interdisciplinary Research

IMAR-CMA - Marine and Environmental Research Centre

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IMAR-CMA develops fundamental and applied research on marine and environmental sciences, with the main focus on coastal ecosystems and river catchment areas. IMAR-CMA pursues international excellence standards and the need of providing scientific and technical answers to solicitations from public and private entities with regard to: a) environmental quality evaluation and management; b) design and development of ecological conservation strategies; c) eco-toxicological test and environmental risk assessment of chemical substances; d) optimised use of water resources.

IMAR-CMA is presently organised in six R&D Lines:

  • Wetlands, estuaries, and Coastal Marine Ecosystems
  • Freshwater Ecosystems and Catchment Areas
  • Sedimentary Systems, Hydrodynamics and Global changes
  • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Hydraulics, Water Resources, and Environment
  • Ecological Modelling

Main research activities involve:

a) baseline studies and monitoring of wetlands, estuaries and coastal marine ecosystems;

b) long term ecological research and application of the ecosystem services approach to integrate the ecological and economic perspectives;

c) investigation on processes governing energy and nutrients transferences in freshwater ecosystems and associated landscapes;

d) animal-plant interactions and pests control;

e) investigation on behaviour of natural depositional systems in fluvial basins, estuaries, and near-shore to marine environments;

f) investigation on sources, fate, routes of exposure, and effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors and their mitigation or management solutions at all levels of biological organization;

g) investigation on hydraulics and hydrology to solve problems of fluid mechanics and water resources;

h) ecological modelling and its utilisation in management applications, with particular reference to integrated coastal zone management.