A number of working committees, constituted of volunteer PostDocs@UC members, focus on specific aims, that enable PostDocs@UC reaching its objectives. All members are invited in taking part in these efforts. Below, current and past committees are listed.


Bylaws’ Committee
Responsible for monitoring the evolution of the statute proposal submitted to the Directorate of IIIUC and the development of internal regulations of the Initiative.
  • Cristiano Premebida (ISR) - Coordenador
  • Sidh Losa Mendiratta  (CES)
  • Samira Ferreira (CNC)
  • Mariana Moura Ramos (CINEICC)

Consultants: Tiago Castela (CES), Nuno Mendonça (III/CNC)

Projects and interdisciplinary Committee
It aims to develop projects under the Initiative. It is currently coordinating a European survey on the postdoctoral researchers’ current work situation and career perspectives in order to raise awareness of the problems that concern researchers at this stage of their careers. For this, the European Network of Postdoctoral Associations, ENPA, was created.An additional goal of this committee is to work towards the development of applications for European funding programs (COST Actions, H2020, among others).
  • Maria Ribeiro (IBILI) - Coordenador
  • Mariana Moura Ramos(CINEIC)
  • Ana Fonseca (CINEICC)
  • Antonieta Leite (CES)
  • Chiara Carrozza (CES)
  • Nuno Mendonça (III/CNC)
  • Diogo Neves Proença (CEMUC)
Postdoc Day 2015 Organization Committee
Aims to prepare the 3rd PostDoc Day of our initiative.
  • Ana Santos Carvalho (CNC) - Coordenador
  • Célia Aveleira (CNC)
  • Luís Estronca (UC BIOTECH)
  • Inês Almeida (IBILI)
  • Nuno Mendonça (III/CNC)