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The University of Coimbra is a reference in the Portuguese research landscape.

Thirty nine R&D units are presently members of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the IIIUC. Research is being developed in the areas of Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Arts and Humanities.

The primary mission of the IIIUC is to promote research and advanced interdisciplinary education, that encourages the crossing of knowledge and building of teams of different areas, in order to assure international recognition of the scientific research of the UC.

In order to streamline this valence of the institution, the Head of the IIIUC is currently the Vice Rector for Research, Professor. Dr. Cláudia Cavadas.

Cláudia Cavadas

Professor Dr. Cláudia Margarida Gonçalves Cavadas

Claudia Cavadas


Cláudia Cavadas, completed a PhD in Pharmacy and a Pharmacology Specialization from the University of Coimbra in 2002. Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra and published 40 articles in specialized journals and 15 papers in events proceedings; has 21 technical production items. She was the director of 4 doctoral theses, 7 master's dissertations and 3 co-orientations in the areas of Basic Medicine, Health Sciences, Biological Sciences and Other Medical Sciences. Received 4 awards and / or honors. Between 2003 and 2013 participated in 8 research projects, and coordinated 5 of these. Currently it participates in 2 research projects, and it coordinates 1 of these. The work focuses on the areas of Medical Sciences with emphasis on Health Sciences and Natural Sciences with emphasis on Biological Sciences. In the curriculum DeGóis the most frequent terms in the contextualization of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: neuropeptide Y, hypothalamus, NPY, gene delivery, chromaffin cells, catecholamines, Retina, adipocytes, GABA and adrenal gland.