CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes


CEMMPRE is well equipped for synthesis of materials and their physical, chemical, structural, mechanical and tribological characterization.

Main equipments:

Atomic Force Microscope, Automatic mounting Press, CNC machine with triaxial force/binary acquisition system, Contact Angle, Dilatometer (ultra-high quenching rate), Differential Dilatometer, Digital camera for microscope, Dimple grinding, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis,  Electro-spinning equipment, Electrokinetic Analyser, Electron probe microanalysis, FTIR, High precision cutter, Heat Transfer Analyser, Helium picnometry, High resolution field emission scanning electron microscope, with EDS, WDS and STEM , Horizontal quartz furnace (controlled atmosphere), Hotplate stirrer, Injection Molding System, Ion-milling, Laser Granulometry, Linear reciprocating wear and friction teste machine-SRV, Mass spectrometer, Magnetron sputtering equipments, Mechanical tests machines, Mechanical Mill Equipments, Mercury Intrusion, Nanoindenter, Optical Microscopes, Particle size analysis by sieving equipment, Pin-on-Disk wear equipment, Polishing machines, Polymer Extruder, Refractometer Digital Rudolph, Rheometer Systems, Scratch-tester, Sputtering Clean Chamber, Sputtering equipments (for flat and powder deposition), Surface Topography Analyser, 3D surface texture analysis system, Thermal Balances (TGA, DSC/TG, DTA/TG), Thermal conductivity analyser – hotdisk, Transmission Electron Microscope, Turning machine with triaxial force acquisition system, Universal mechanical testing equipment (tensile, flexural,  and compression), Ultramicroindenter, Ultra-sound cutter, Vertical Furnace, X-ray diffractometer with hot chamber, X-ray microdiffractometer with stress analysis, Spectrophotometers, Size Exclusion Chromatography, Small area glossmeter, UV chamber, X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer, InfiniteFocus Real3D, Wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, among many others.

For more information, please contact CEMMPRE (cemmpre@uc.pt)