CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Research Groups

CEMMPRE is organized into seven groups with different expertise, which are essential to successfully carry out research on the strategic lines.

Research Groups Presentation

Advanced manufacturing systems

Altino de Jesus Roque Loureiro

Metal forming, Welding and casting technologies, Processing (Mechanical properties, Modelling, Simulation, Inverse analysis), Industrial robotics and Production management.

Nanomaterials & micromanufacturing

Maria Teresa Freire Vieira

Nanomembranes/Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Modification of surface of powders, New processes of sintering, Self-Healing (SMA), Advanced processes of microjoining, Recovery of inorganic (industrial) wastes.

Sensors and nanoelectrochemistry

Ana Maria Coelho Ferreira de Oliveira Brett

Corrosion, Development and characterization of sensors and biosensors, Electron transfer reactions, Bioelectrochemistry, DNA-Electrochemical biosensors.

Structural integrity

José António Martins Ferreira

Mechanical behaviour and Design methodologies – Fatigue, Fracture, Impact, Friction and wear, Damage analysis, Advanced alloys and composite materials, Numerical models, Biomechanical systems and Human mobility.

Surface engineering

Albano Augusto Cavaleiro Rodrigues Carvalho

Modification of the surface of materials - Coatings, Surface Structuring; Tribology ((super)Low friction, Wear resistance; Materials degradation), High temperature oxidation, Nanocomposite structures.

Bioengineering & polymer synthesis

Ana Paula da Fonseca Piedade

Green processes for surface modification and materials innovation, Bioelectrodes for the non-invasive monitoring of bio-electric signals, Tissue-engineered scaffolds, Invasive medical devices, Polymer synthesis, Nanocomposite and hybrid organic/inorganic surfaces, Materials characterization and testing including in vitro tests.

Mining & raw materials

Luís José Proença de Figueiredo Neves

Geological characterization of rocks, soils and water, prospection and evaluation of geological resources, environmental assessment of the impacts of mining operations, remediation of contaminated soils, health effects of exposure to geological materials, development of biological/microbiological tools.