CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Mining & Raw Materials

(Principal Investigator)
Luís José Proença de Figueiredo Neves


The Mining & Raw Materials Group is a multidisciplinary research group with 14 effective members, 9 geologists and 5 microbiologists, belonging to the University of Coimbra and to the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. The group also includes several collaborators with different scientific backgrounds, namely mining engineers. We aim to develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in the field of Raw Materials, which is a priority of H2020. Portugal was an important producer of Raw Materials in the past, namely in the Beiras region, and the group would like to contribute for a reactivation of the economic importance of this activities, through research and innovation.


The aim of the group is to develop studies that include all the cycle of Raw Materials, namely:

  1. geological, geochemical, radiological and geophysical characterization of rocks, soils and water, including geological mapping;
  2. prospection of raw materials and other geological resources, as groundwater and geothermal energy;
  3. optimization of the exploitation of raw materials, including recycling;
  4. environmental assessment of the impacts of former mining operations;
  5. methodologies of environmental requalification of abandoned/deactivated mines;
  6. health effects of the exposure to geological materials/raw materials, namely through the transfer of metals and radioactivity to other environmental compartments;
  7. microbiology of metal contaminated environments and development of microbial biotechnological tools;
  8. molecular microbiology and genetics applied to biotechnology;
  9. potential of native flora (aquatic and terrestrial plants) for phytoremediation of contaminated water and soils.

Thematic Lines Associated

  • Mechanical Engineering & Mining/Raw Materials
  • Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health
  • Green Vehicle

PhD Researchers

Alcides José Sousa Castilho Pereira
Alcino Sousa Oliveira
Ana Maria de Aguiar Castilho Ramos Lopes
Ana Maria Pires Alencoão
Ana Paula Kuan Yon Chung
Anabela Ribeiro dos Reis de Castro Oliveira
Diogo Alexandre Neves Proença
Elsa Maria de Carvalho Gomes
Fernando Antunes Gaspar Pita
Fernando Pedro Ortega de Oliveira Figueiredo
José Manuel Martinho Lourenço
Luis Jose Proenca de Figueiredo Neves
Luis Manuel Oliveira Sousa
Maria do Rosário Melo Costa
Maria Elisa Preto Gomes
Maria Manuela Vinha Guerreiro Silva
Nelson Edgar Viegas Rodrigues
Paula Cristina Simões de Carvalho
Paula Maria de Melim e Vasconcelos de Vitorino Morais
Rita Susana Rosa Branco
Romeu Miranda Francisco
Rui Jose dos Santos Teixeira
 PhD Students
Ana Isabel Martins dos Reis
Bruno Manuel Martins Gonçalves
Diogo Alexandre Neves Fonseca
Emílio Evo Magro Corrêa Urbano
Lisa Maria de Oliveira Martins
Vasco Manuel Jorge Soares Mantas