CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Advanced Manufacturing Systems

(Principal Investigator)
Altino de Jesus Roque Loureiro
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The activity of AMS Group in recent years has focused on the development of manufacturing technologies in the field of mechanical engineering, using numerical and experimental tools, the automation and robotics of production processes and the management of production systems. The main fields of expertise in the group can be summarized as follows:

  • Modelling and numerical simulation of sheet metal forming, such as the simulation of contact problems, blank shape optimization or the warm forming of aluminium alloys;
  • Large plastic deformations: fundamental aspects, modelling, inverse analysis and applications to metal forming; mechanical properties of bulk materials and thin films;
  • Similar and dissimilar welding, solid state processing, microstructural analysis and advanced mechanical characterization of welds using digital image correlation;
  • Improvement and control of melt manufacture and solidification of castings, especially the monitoring of thermal fields on cooling and practices to produce Premium Engineering Castings;
  • Flexible automation and intelligent manufacturing, with focus on robotics, human-machine interfaces, programming by demonstration, teach by showing and force control;
  • Manufacturing systems management, such as the improvement of production and planning methodologies or the development of models for logistics problems ;
  • Assessment and mitigation of impacts of production processes on environment and health and safety of workers.


The group aims to develop production technologies and methodologies that contribute for simplification of productive systems, improving their efficiency and reducing their impacts on workers and environment, in short, develop solutions for the factories of the future. These developments are intended to be applied to a wide spectrum of productive systems as well as to human mobility and health.

Thematic Lines Associated

  • Mechanical Engineering & Mining/Raw Materials
  • Materials' Contacts, Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health
  • Green Vehicle

PhD Researchers

Altino de Jesus Roque Loureiro
António Santos Simões
Belmira Neto
Bruno Miguel Santana Chaparro
Carlos Alberto Silva Ribeiro
Carlos Miguel Almeida Leitão
Cristóvão Silva
Diogo Mariano Neto
Dulce Maria Esteves Rodrigues
Inácio de Sousa Adelino da Fonseca
Irene Sofia Carvalho Ferreira
Ivan Garcia Galvão
Joaquim Norberto Cardoso Pires da Silva
Jorge Manuel Afonso Antunes
José Manuel Torres Farinha
José Valdemar Bidarra Fernandes
Luis Filipe Martins Menezes
Marta Cristina Cardoso de Oliveira
Nataliya Sakharova
Nuno Alberto Marques Mendes
Pedro André Dias Prates 
Pedro Mariano Simões Neto
Rui Manuel Ferreira Leal

non-PhD Researchers

André Filipe Gomes Pereira
Constâncio António Pinto
Gustavo Henrique Senna Freitas Ligeiro Carvalho
Hugo David Nogueira Raposo
João Miguel Peixoto Martins
Maria Inês Martins dos Santos Costa
Miguel Ângelo Fernandes Castanheiro e Simão
Neves Manuel
Pedro Daniel Pleno Rascão de Barros
Rúben Silva Oliveira
Tânia de Lurdes Ferreira de Azevedo
Tiago Miguel Mira Aguiar
Vasco Manuel Neto Simões