CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Bioengineering & Polymer Synthesis

(Principal Investigator)
Ana Paula da Fonseca Piedade
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The Research Group is composed of senior and junior researchers from the Universities of Coimbra and Porto. The interdisciplinary background of its researchers includes biochemistry, chemical, mechanical and materials engineering.


The main objective of the Research Group is mastering the design, research and development of new and improved materials for a sustainable and inclusive growth. The research should respond to people's needs and concerns with integrated solutions that tie natural resources and human health. Specific objectives include: -Tissue-engineered scaffolds for ligament and tendon reconstruction; Development of bioelectrode systems for the non-invasive monitoring of biopotentials; Advance in the field of synthetic bone substitutes with improved osteoinductive, osteoconductive and osteogenic properties based on Bonelike®; Materials for peripheral nervous system regeneration; Preparation of tailor-made polymeric materials based on controlled/Living radical polymerization techniques and their self-assembly into nanostructured materials; Development of new surfaces that enhance biological performance of materials used in invasive biomedical devices.

Thematic Lines Associated

  • Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health
  • Green Vehicle
  • Materials' Contacts, Surfaces and Interfaces

PhD Researchers

Ana Clotilde Amaral Loureiro da Fonseca
Ana Paula da Fonseca Piedade
Armenio Coimbra Serra
Jorge Fernando Jordão Coelho
Jose Carlos Magalhaes Duque da Fonseca
Jose Domingos Santos
Maria Ascensao Ferreira Silva Lopes
Patrícia Vitorino Mendonça
Paula Andreia Fernandes de Sousa

non-PhD Researchers

Ana Catarina Pinho
Ana Rita Caseiro Santos
Carlos Miguel Rocha Abreu
Célia Catarina Teixeira Frias Ferreira
Diana Raquel dos Santos Morais
Filipa Almeida Martins de Matos Gonçalves
Francisco Tiago Almeida Catalão
Joana Rita Antunes Gonçalves Madeira e Góis
Joana Serra e Moura Pacheco Mendes
João Ricardo Carapito Gonçalves da Costa
Stéphanie Christelle Marinho Soares