CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Nanomaterials & micromanufacturing

(Principal Investigator)
Maria Teresa Freire Vieira
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The activities and achievements of the Nanomaterials and Micromanufacturing Group mainly concern two topics. Production of inorganic nanomaterials:

  • 2D/3D powders: new materials for mobility (transports, energy and health devices) using sputtering and milling;

  • Inorganic nanocomposites; and Micromanufacturing applied to inorganic materials/powders:

    • MicroPIM;
    • New replicative process such as hot-embossing; additive processes
    • Joining by nanomultilayer without ignition of the nanolayers by laser;
    • New sintering processes.

New challenges:

  • Characterization using synchrotron and positrons;
  • Development of new solutions for improvement quality of life;
  • Valuation/remediation and protection of contaminated industrial or mining environments (toxic elements and nanoparticles).


The research lines of the group are in consonance with the defined strategy of CEMUC for the next five years - “MOBILITY”. The different research themes, which are now the scientific objectives of the group, will be aggregated and indexed to the strategic lines of CEMUC. As before, one senior researcher (researchers with contract with UC) will be responsible for the coordination of the activities related with each strategic area, advising the researchers participating in each theme in order that the studies follow the global aims of the lines but also defending the specific objectives of N&M-CEMUC.

The main new topic that will be strongly studied will be the development of “New self- healing materials based on Shape Memory alloys (SMA) for vehicles and human mobility”. The study will be concentrated on metallic materials due to their major role in a variety of engineering applications, particularly used in vehicles. In many cases, it very difficult to reach and repair such materials and this a self-healing character can make a huge difference improving safety, reliability and costs.

Thematic Lines Associated

  • Mechanical Engineering & Mining/Raw Materials
  • Materials' Contacts, Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health
  • Green Vehicle

PhD Researchers

Ana Rita Torres dos Santos Farinha 
Ana Sofia Figueira Ramos
André João Cavaleiro Leitão de Carvalho 
Bruno Miguel Quelhas de Sacadura Cabral Trindade
Cristina Maria da Silva Fernandes
Elsa Wellenkamp de Sequeiros
Fernando Alberto Deometrio Rodrigues Alves Guerra
Fernando António Gaspar Simões
Filomena Maria Conceicão Viana
Luís Filipe Malheiros de Freitas Ferreira
Manuel Fernando Gonçalves Vieira
Marco Paulo Duarte Naia
Maria Helena Sousa Soares de Oliveira Braga
Maria Teresa Freire Vieira
Rúben Filipe da Silva Santos
Sónia Luísa dos Santos Simões

non-PhD Researchers

Cyril Dos Santos
Omid Emadinia
Pedro Jose da Silva Carreira
Rita Joana Vaz dos Santos
Sérgio Henrique de Paiva Lourenço
Telma Joana Jesus Ferreira