CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Sensors and Nanoelectrochemistry

(Principal Investigator)
Ana Maria Coelho Ferreira de Oliveira Brett
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The study of electrode processes, electron and charge transfer reactions, surface nanostructures, development of physical and electrochemical sensors, and of electrochemical biosensors. Applications are to the mechanisms and inhibition of metallic corrosion, to drug action through oxidation, of biological electron transfer reactions, mainly DNA, and their micro/nanobiostructure adsorbed on conducting and on electrode surfaces.


The aims are:

  • Development and characterisation of new electrode materials, nanostructured materials, electroactive polymers and surface–modified electrodes;
  • Corrosion and its inhibition: aluminium, steels and copper. Evaluation of organic and biological adsorption inhibitors;
  • Sensor application to monitoring of analytes in complex environmental, food and clinical matrices;
  • Electrochemical enzyme and DNA-biosensors;
  • Electrochemical detection of biological molecules or complexes and DNA biomarkers, and in situ oxidative damage to DNA using a nanoscale film DNA-electrochemical biosensor;
  • Electron transfer mechanisms of antioxidants and biologically relevant compounds.

Thematic Lines Associated

  • Materials' Contacts, Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health

PhD Researchers

Ana Maria Coelho Ferreira de Oliveira Brett
Christopher Michael Ashton Brett
Madalina Maria Barsan
Marcos Fernando de Souza Teixeira
Mariana Emilia Ghica
Severino Carlos Bezerra de Oliveira
Teodor Adrian Enache
Victor Constantin Diculescu

non-PhD Researchers

Isabel Patrícia Garrido Fernandes
Wanderson da Silva
Wesley Bruno da Silva Machini