CEMUC - Centre for Mechanical Engineering

CEMUC - Centre for Mechanical Engineering

The Centre for Mechanical Engineering of the University of Coimbra - CEMUC (Research Unit nº 285 of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) aims to develop interdisciplinary research in the areas of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and other related areas. Its main objectives are to promote innovation, facilitating the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in close collaboration with the business and social network and supporting the creation of start-ups, to contribute to advanced training, and to collaborate on strategies for regional and international development.

The strategic program of the Unit contains four Thematic Lines:

  1. Mechanical Engineering & Mining/Raw materials
  2. Materials’ Contacts, Surfaces and Interfaces
  3. Advanced Materials, Technologies & Structures for Health
  4. Green Vehicles

CEMUC is organized into seven groups with different expertise:

  • Advanced manufacturing systems;
  • Nanomaterials & micromanufacturing;
  • Sensors and nanoelectrochemistry;
  • Structural integrity;
  • Surface engineering;
  • Bioengineering & polymer synthesis;
  • Mining & raw materials.