R&D Centers that are associated to the IIIUC

Social Sciences and the Humanities

CECH - Centre for Classic and Human Studies
Cultures and Cultural Production
CLP - Centre of Portuguese LiteratureCultures and Cultural Production
IEC - Centre for Inter-university Camonian StudiesCultures and Cultural Production
CIEG -Research Centre for Germanistic Studies Cultures and Cultural Production
CEAUCP - Centre for Archaeologic Studies of the Universities of Coimbra and Oporto
The Study of the Human Past
CEIS 20 - Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary StudiesThe Study of the Human Past
IPCDVS - Institute for Cognitive Psychology, Social and Vocational DevelopmentThe Human Mind and its Complexity
CINEICC - Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Research and InterventionThe Human Mind and its Complexity
CELGA -Centre for Studies of General and Applied LinguisticsCultures and Cultural Production
GEMF - Group for Monetary and Financial StudiesIndividuals, Institutions and Markets
CIAS - Research Centre for Anthropology and HealthInstitutions, Values, Beliefs and Behaviour
CEGOT - Centre for Geographic and Regional PlanningEnvironment, Space and Population
CES - Center for Social StudiesInstitutions, Values, Beliefs and Behaviour

Exact Sciences and Engineering

CIEC - Research Centre for Civil EngineeringCivil and Mining Engineering
CISUC - Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of CoimbraElectrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
INESC - Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering - CoimbraElectrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
ISR -Institute of Systems and RoboticsElectrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
IT - Telecommunications Institute (Observer member)Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
ADAI - Association for the Development of Industrial AerodynamicMechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
CEMUC - Centre for Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
CIEPQPF - Centre for Chemical Processes Engineering and Forest ProductsChemistry and Chemical Engineering 
CEMDR-X - Centre for Studies of X-Ray Diffraction MaterialPhysics
CFC - Center for Computational PhysicsPhysics
CI - Instrumentation CentrePhysics
LIP - Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particles PhysicsPhysics
CMUC - Centre for Mathematics of Coimbra UniversityMathematics
CQ - Centre of Chemistry - CoimbraChemistry and Chemical Engineering
QFM - Molecular Physic ChemistryChemistry and Chemical Engineering

Life and Health Sciences

CENCIFOR - Centre for Forensic SciencesDiagnostic, Therapies and Public Health
CEISUC - Center of Study and Research in Health
Diagnostic, Therapies and Public Health
CNC  - Centre for Neuroscience and Cell BiologyNeuroscience, Ageing and Degenerative Diseases
CPUC - Centre of Pulmonology of Coimbra University Medical SchoolDiagnostic, Therapies and Public Health
CIDAF - Research Unit for Sport and Physical Activity
Diagnostic, Therapies and Public Health
IBILI - Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life SciencesNeuroscience, Ageing and Degenerative Diseases

Natural and Environmental Sciences

MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE UC)Marine Sciences
CFE - Centre for Functional Ecology Environment and Global Changes
CITEUC- Center for Earth and Space Research of the University of CoimbraGeosciences
CGEO - Geosciences Center of the University of CoimbraGeosciences