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J. Oliveira Branco

J. Oliveira Branco was born in Tentúgal in 1933 and has been a Priest in the Diocese of Coimbra since 1956 and has also worked for Rádio Renascença in Lisbon. He holds a Degree in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome. He became a Professor of Philosophy at Coimbra Seminary from 1956 and is Chaplain of the chapel of the University of Coimbra. He has been a Professor at the Coimbra Institute of Theological Studies since its inception. He is also a prision chaplain in Coimbra and has worked in this capacity for the last twenty-five years.

He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy from the Gregorian University with thesis on “The Critical Humanism of António Sérgio: An Analysis of his philosophical aspects” whose print edition is sold out. He has collaborated in many study and reflection journals, namely Estudos Teológicos (Coimbra).

He published Uma via para a Manhã [A Road to Morning] (2010), and in partnership with Prof. Prof. Sebastião Formosinho, O brotar da Criação — Um olhar dinâmico pela Ciência, Filosofia e a Teologia [The Budding of Creation – A dynamic look at Science, Philosophy and Theology] recipient of the 1998 Aboim Sande Lemos Prize from the Faculty of Theology of the Portuguese Catholic University; A Pergunta de Job — O homem e o mistério do mal [Job’s Question – Man and the Mystery of Evil] (2003); O Deus que não temos — Uma história de grandes intuições e mal-entendidos [The God we don’t have – A history of great intuitions and misunderstandings] (2008); and now, A Dinâmica da Espiral − Uma aproximação ao mistério de tudo [The Dynamics of a Spiral – An approximation of the mystery of everything].