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Junia Ferreira Furtado

She is from Belo Horizonte and has a Degree in History from UFMG where she is a teacher. She concluded a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Social History at the University of São Paulo and was a Guest Lecturer at Princeton University during the first semester of 2001. She has several papers published on the colonial history of Minas Gerais, such as Chica da Silva e o contrador dos diamantes: o outro lado do mito [“Chica da Silva and the diamond counter: the other side of the myth”] (Companhia das Letras); Homens de Negócio: a interiorização da metrópole e do comércio nas Minas setecentistas [“Business Men: the metropolis becoming countryside and business in Minas Gerais in the 1700s”] (Hucitec) and Diálogos Oceânicos: Minas Gerais e as novas abordagens para uma história do Império Ultramarino Português [“Ocean Dialogues: Minas Gerais and a new approach on the history of the Portuguese Overseas Empire”] (Ed. UFMG). She is currently carrying out research on the collaboration between the Portuguese Diplomat Dom Luís da Cunha and the French cartographer d’Anville, with the aim of making a map of South America in 1748.