Coimbra University Press

Rui de Alarcão

He is Full Professor Emeritus and worked at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra and at the Instituto Superior Bissaya-Barreto (ISBB). He was Rector of the University of Coimbra, member of the Constitutional Committee and member of the Council of State. He is currently a member of several social, cultural and scientific institutions in Portugal and abroad, and Chancellor of Honorific Orders (the former Military Orders). His scientific interests include the following areas: private law, especially civil law; comparative law; introduction to law and university-related topics. Amongst his published texts the following are of particular note: Dissertação de PG (Subarrendamento) [“Dissertation on PG (sublease)”]; Dissertação de Doutoramento (Confirmação dos negócios anuláveis) [“Doctorate dissertation (confirming voidable businesses)”]; Lições universitárias, especialmente sobre Direito das Obrigações [“University lectures, especially those on Contract Law]; Anteprojectos para o novo Código Civil, e respectivas exposições de motivos, sobre o Negócio Jurídico [“Preliminary projects for the new Civil Code and the explanation of its grounds on Juridical Business”]; Reitorado [“The Rectorate”], volume I.