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Idades e género na literatura da Grécia antiga ("Ages and Gender in the Literature and Art of Ancient Greece")


Editors: Ana Iriarte; Luísa de Nazaré Ferreira
Language: Portuguese
ISBN: 978-989-26-1016-0
Digital ISBN: 978-989-26-1017-7
Publisher: Coimbra University Press / Annablume
Date: July 2015
Size: 230 mm x 160 mm
N.º Pages: 161


This volume puts forward several reflections about the idea of age and gender in Ancient Greece. It brings together seven studies by Spanish, Portuguese and Argentinian researchers. The essays gathered here are based upon information from different sources: literary, iconographic, epigraphic, and social. They do not focus on the citizen, i.e. on the adult male as the citizen, according to Aristotle’s definition, but on children, elderly, maidens. Even the field of male prostitution is explored. It is a study which, based on the abundant bibliography which has developed over recent years on these issues, offers an overall reflection on the margins of citizenship seen from the parameters of gender and age.