Coimbra University Press

Energia em Sinfonia (“Energy in Symphony”)

Energia em Sinfonia

Authors: Maria Helena Henriques; Maria José Moreno
Language: Portuguese
ISBN: 978-989-26-0051-2
Publisher: Coimbra University Press/ Municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros
Edition: 1.st
Date: October 2010
Price: 5,30 €
Size: 220 mm x 230 mm
N.º Pages: 46


The sun and the wind are the protagonists of this narrative, centred on some current environmental problems, which have helped contributed to put the great orchestra of nature out of tune. They begin to be accused of provoking some of the disasters that haunt humanity, but end up recognising their potential to mitigate them. For this, they count on the help of other characters: Velasco Ventolas, a wind tower, and Mandrias Teclasol, a solar panel. With fundamental musical skills to help tune the orchestra, these performers show that they are able to transform energy from the sun and wind into the wellbeing of all.