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Cadernos de Literatura Medieval - CLP. O Contexto Hispânico da Historiografia Portuguesa dos Séculos XIII e XIV (“Medieval Literature Notebooks – CLP: The Hispanic context of 13th and 14th century Portuguese historiography”)


Editor: Maria do Rosário Ferreira
Language: Portuguese/Spanish
ISBN: 978-989-26-0072-7
Digital ISBN: 978-989-26-0218-9
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14195/978-989-26-0218-9
Publisher: Coimbra University Press
Edition: 1.st
Date: October 2010
Price: 9,54 €
Size: 240 mm x 170 mm
N.º Pages: 106


The knowledge of the past that it is possible to retrieve in a historiographic text does not depend so much on the truth of the account as upon the relationships that it establishes with other texts, constructing a network of meanings that together weave the web of history. The various accounts and recounts of the past are not an invention born from a naïve impulse but a directed intervention, constituting acts of writing that themselves institute power.
These two dimensions of historiography – the literary-textual and the ideological-political – underpin the studies gathered here, which identify different writing projects in the field of early Portuguese historiography. Voices from diverse sectors of society polyphonically transmit competing versions of the history of the territory and the legitimacies underlying its domain; it is this multiplicity of coexisting interpretations of our distant past that this volume aims to divulge.