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Decisão. Perspectivas Interdisciplinares (“Decision: Interdisciplinary perspectives”)


Editors: Carlos Henggeler Antunes; Luís Cândido Dias
Language: Portuguese
Digital ISBN: 978-989-26-0343-8
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14195/978-989-26-0343-8
Coimbra University Press
 June 2007
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240 mm x 170 mm
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This book revisits the cycle of lectures on the subject of “Decision”, organized by the III-UC, INESC Coimbra and FEUC, which took place in October and November 2005, with the participation of four internationally renowned scholars, Profs. Alexis Tsoukiàs (Paris), John Broome (Oxford), Ralph Keeney (Duke) and Paul Slovic (Oregon). These scholars presented four different perspectives on the subject of the cycle from operational research, philosophy, decision analysis and psychology respectively. Each of the articles by the guest lecturers was selected by the author as one of those that best represented the perspective presented in his lecture. Slovic’s text describes the importance of affect in determining judgements and decision, arguing that the trust deposited in those sentiments may be characterised as an Affective Heuristic. Tsoukiàs’s article presents a retrospective view of the evolution of decision theory into a methodology for helping decision-making, with the author considering that all decision theories share a common characteristic – the use of formal abstract languages and a model of rationality, defending a scientific approach to help decision-making in problems confronted by individuals and/or organizations. Keeney’s text summarizes some of the main ideas that dominate to intervene in decision-making situations, in this case in situations for defining public policies, advocating and illustrating the importance of basing the intervention on the elicitation of public values and on its modelling through a function of multi-attribute utility. Broome’s text aims to illustrate the moulds in which the problem of decision-making may appear in the sphere of philosophy, focusing on a subject that has been long debated amongst philosophers: can reasoning culminate in an action or only in a belief? Each of these articles, translated into Portuguese, is accompanied by a commentary by a Portuguese author, respectively: Armando Mónica de Oliveira, Manuel Matos, João Clímaco and António Manuel Martins. The book also includes an introductory chapter that offers a short overview of the disciplines that come together in the work Decision.