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Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community

Lifelong Learning Programme

European Commission, Erasmus Thematic Network, N° 142814-LLP-1-2008-FR-ERASMUS-ENW

Outubro 2008 – Maio 2012

Carlos Machado Ferreira, Member (Partner 12)

ELLEIEC is an ERASMUS thematic network which is funded by the European Commission for a three-year period (October 2008-September 2011, extended to May 2012). Following the EC directive and decision (Official Journal of the European Union 24th November 2006) establishing an action programme in the field of Life Long Learning (LLL) (2007-2013), this project tries to give an overview of this aspect in the field of Electrical and Information Engineering. On the basis to the work of about one hundred teachers of higher education institutions of the European Union, a synthesis of the LLL in the Electrical and Information Engineering field was analyzed with the objectives to suggest several experimental approaches and specific demonstrators. After an analysis of the effective situation of the LLL at bachelor, master, and doctorate levels, some recommendations are suggested in order to harmonize, at least in this field, the LLL procedures. The LLL is a pertinent way to progress in companies and even to create a company as long as the chosen education complement is adapted to the professional needs. One way to succeed is the introduction of new paths for educational purpose oriented to all kind of citizens in the lifelong learning spirit with scientific competences and operational skills. However, in the field of EIE, due to the high scientific level that is required, the related curricula contents are usually poor in economical, human science and management. This point justifies the set-up of a Virtual Centre for Enterprise System Specification that could constitute a solid tool able to lead the employees to create a new company or to be involved in the management of an existing one. Concerning the scientific and technical competences gained during informal courses, it is hard to recognize them by a corresponding diploma or ECTS validation. In addition, a concrete link between job position and qualification framework is not well organized for lifelong learning education. The set-up international curricula (ICN) deliberately oriented towards a matching between technical skills and content, should fulfil this aim. These ICN constitute a tool giving access via links to specific courses built on an agreement between skills and competences adapted to professional purpose and leading to a diploma in the frame of LLL. These courses are described in term of ECTS and in the frame of qualification framework. These courses are effectively running in several European institutions, are spent either in the frame of e-learning or in face to face form. This extension to LL is able to ensure a sustainability of our programme.

The work done consists of three parts:

I. The first one is dedicated to the Analysis of LLL in EIE in Europe at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, together with some recommendations.

II. The second part concerns best practices for the use of new technologies in EIE education in Europe and proposes Guidelines for e-learning and intensive course’s assessment.

III. The last one proposes two demonstrators of good practice for enhancing LLL in EIE in Europe: Virtual Centre of Entrepreneurship (VCE) and International Curricula Network (ICN)


Virtual Centre for Enterprise (VCE):

International Curricula Network (ICN):