INESC Coimbra


Multicriteria routing in WDM networks

Title: Multicriteria routing in WDM networks

Coordinator: Teresa Gomes

Dates start/end: March 2006 / March 2007

Entity: PT Inovação

Synopsis: A bi-criteria routing model for Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks was proposed. First the problems to be tackled were identified and then the bi-criteria model was developed. A description of the study network was made in collaboration with PT Inovação. A bi-criteria routing model was developed which took into account the specificities of the defined network. An algorithm for calculating and selecting solutions for the proposed bi-criteria model, including a method for selecting wavelengths, were developed. The applicability of the model was studied in a test network, provided by PT-Inovação. Performance measures were obtained using incremental traffic and considering bidirectional and/or unidirectional requests.