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Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies (WIRE) (COST Action ES1002)

Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies (WIRE) (COST Action ES1002)

27/07/2010 - 09/11/2014

Paulo Santos, MC Member

Due to climate change and shrinking fossil resources, the transition to more and more renewable energy shares is unavoidable. But, as wind and solar energy is strongly dependent on highly variable weather processes, increased penetration rates will also lead to strong fluctuations in the electricity grid which need to be balanced. Proper and specific forecasting of 'energy weather' is a key component for this. Therefore, it is timely to scientifically address the requirements to provide the best possible specific weather information for forecasting the energy production of wind and solar power plants for the next minutes up to several days ahead. Towards such aims, this Action will have two main lines of activity: first develop dedicated post-processing algorithms coupled with weather prediction models and measurement data especially remote sensing observations; second investigate the difficult relationship between the highly intermittent weather dependent power production and the energy distribution towards end users. The second goal will raise new challenges as this will require from the energy producers and distributors definitions of the requested forecast data and new technologies dedicated to the management of power plants and electricity grids.